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    More than 80% of Americans want to see the minimum wage increased. Obstruction is not an option -- demand Congress vote on the Fair Minimum Wage Act and raise the minimum wage to $10 an hour NOW.
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      AA's CEO Sells More Stock

      BY ANDREA AHLES LINKEDIN GOOGLE+ PINTEREST REDDIT PRINT ORDER REPRINT OF THIS STORY American Airlines CEO Doug Parker made a small profit in a stock sale last week.

      Machinists Fighting Back Against Right to Work for Less

      As the battle against “right-to-work” laws heats up across the country, some IAM members have gone into full “Fighting Machinist” mode. In the past two weeks, legislators in Missouri, New Hampshire, Kentucky and even West Chester Township, Ohio have either passed or are in the process of passing the anti-worker legislation.

      Say No to the PAGE Act

      Federal workers, just like the rest of us, deserve basic protections on the job. But a bill being circulated by U.S. Rep. Todd Rokita (R-IN) seeks to undermine our fundamental American values of decency, opportunity, and fairness.

      State Legislator’s Take Aim at Workers

      In the second week of January, what do legislators in states nearly 1,300 miles apart have in common? If you guessed working on laws to help improve the lives of the citizens of their states, you would be wrong.

      U.S. Postal Service to halt retail sales at Staples

      When the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) and Staples birthed a retail partnership in 2013, USPS said “it’s time to celebrate.” But now, that program has been sentenced to death and it is postal labor leaders who are rejoicing. They cheer the demise of a program that had been the target of a vigorous campaign by postal unions that don’t want the post office privatized.

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      See the Joint Negotiations Website for updates:

      For the latest Tweets:  @usaamerger

      “Now is the time.”

      Those were the words spoken by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as he addressed the sanitation workers on strike in Memphis just weeks before he was assassinated.  Today, we honor Dr. King’s birthday but we do so not as a moment in history, but as a call to action today, to fight for dignity and respect for all workers in this country, just as Dr. King did in Memphis and throughout his too-short life.

      The labor movement and the civil rights movement have been intertwined for decades and TWU has been there from the beginning, opening previously restricted job titles to people of color, marching in Selma, fighting for equal rights and pay for all working Americans, regardless of race, creed, gender or sexual orientation.

      “Now is the time.” To act, to speak out, to fight for our rights, to strengthen the labor movement, to protect our jobs and our families.

      As Dr. King said to those striking workers in 1968, “We can all get more together than we can apart; we can get more organized together than we can apart. And this is the way we gain power. Power is the ability to achieve purpose, power is the ability to affect change, and we need power.”

      We must honor his legacy, reach for the dream, and stay united as TWU to wield the power needed to preserve our rights.

      “Now is the time.”

      Union Plus Scholarships Provide the Keys for Immigrant Families to Unlock the American Dream

      Immigrants who have come to our country in search of better opportunities have been the economic backbone of America for well over a century. In the face of a difficult job market for many immigrants, their keys to the American Dream may not be readily available.

      Nowhere is this truer than with nonunion jobs, which typically offer lower pay, limited benefits and virtually no job security. In a new country with little knowledge of the labor market, these work conditions make immigrants more vulnerable to worker exploitation, sometimes with heartbreaking results.

      However, immigrants in unionized jobs are much closer to reaching the American Dream than their nonunion counterparts. This year’s recipients of Union Plus Scholarships have written how union membership has transformed their standard of living—everything from ensuring more dignity in the workplace, safer work conditions and rules preventing discrimination on the basis of national origin, among others.

      Among the winners were numerous students whose family members are immigrants—many of whom triumphed over monumental hardship, thanks in part to their union—and are prepared to make a meaningful impact in the world by excelling academically and pursuing degrees in preparation for career fields such as law and medicine.

      When the parents of Jasmine Gregory of Walnut Creek, California, came to America as migrant farm workers, labor injustices were common place.

      "My mother felt powerless until the courageous efforts of César Chávez and the United Farm Workers movement brought needed relief," Jasmine recalled. "After years of struggle, my mother is a state employee today, wholeheartedly supporting her union."

      Indeed, Jasmine’s educational pursuits have taken root, thanks to the stability afforded by her mother’s membership in AFSCME Local 2620, and her father’s membership in the International Federation of Professional and Technical Employees (IFPTE) Local 21. Upon graduating high school this year, she earned two prestigious national academic awards from the College Board—the National Merit Scholar Commendation and the National Hispanic Recognition Program Award, which are given to the top standardized test-takers and the top academic performers of Hispanic heritage, respectively. With college in her sights, Jasmine aims to study political science and ultimately earn a law degree.

      Her mother, she says, is "never forgetting the labor support she received since her first employment on American soil."

      The Gregory family’s story is a common thread that makes up the historical patchwork of America. Each generation had hope in their sights when they knew that, if they joined a union, worked hard and earned an education, they could foster a brighter future for their successive generations.

      After the Great Recession, the educational landscape has faced difficulties of its own, most notably with the skyrocketing costs of a college education. Fortunately, that’s just one of many reasons why Union Plus was established by the AFL-CIO to provide much-needed consumer benefits to union members and retirees. One of the many valuable programs offered by Union Plus is a unique scholarship program, which has awarded more than $4 million in educational funding to union members and their families.

      Michelle Huang of Brooklyn, N.Y, whose parents emigrated from Guangzhou, China, is studying to become a pharmacist. She looks at how far she’s come along her educational journey and knows that she would have never been able to take the first steps without her father Zhantu’s membership in the American Postal Workers Union (APWU) Local 10.

      Relating the story of how her father went on strike and helped pass the Postal Reorganization Act of 1970, Michelle recalls, "My father became empowered to speak up for his rights. I am not sure how I can ever repay APWU." For the Huang family, union membership pays off; as Michelle received a generous scholarship to make her academic dreams a reality.

      Union membership, she says, "…holds such significance and importance in my family."

      Steven Manicastri of Willimantic, Connecticut, is a political science doctoral student whose dissertation focuses on a rank-and-file Italian trade union formed in the late 1980s. Born and raised in Italy, his working-class family immigrated to the United States in 2000. With newly afforded opportunities, thanks to his union, opportunity and hard work, Steven ultimately graduated with a bachelor’s degree in history, political science and Italian. "I recognize the importance of theory as a political philosopher, but I am cognizant of the essential need to practice one’s politics on a quotidian basis," Steven said.

      "I can think of no better way to do this [and live by one’s politics] than by being an active union member, or being instrumental in the creation of a labor union in a future place of employment," he added.

      To this end, while in school, he became very active in the labor union movement. In addition to helping to pass his school’s lowest tuition increase in a decade by protesting at the 2011 United Students Against Sweatshops Walk Into Action, he currently serves as vice president of his graduate school’s Graduate Employees Union (GEU) Region 9A and serves as vice president for UAW Local 6950. Steven hopes to use his Union Plus Scholarship to help fund his dream of becoming a university instructor and introducing a new generation to the importance of the labor movement.

      If you are a union member or your parents, spouse or children are members—and pursuing the American Dream through education—you are eligible to apply for a Union Plus Scholarship, which are granted to students attending a two-year college, four-year college, graduate school or a recognized technical or trade school. Recipients are selected based on academic ability, social awareness, financial need and appreciation of labor.

      Visit for details and to apply online.

      In addition to the scholarship program, Union Plus provides a wide range of money-saving programs and services for union members and families, including discounts on qualified wireless plans from AT&T, the only nationwide unionized wireless carrier, savings on travel and recreation, and more. Visit for details.

      Health Care Act

      CFL College Scholarship Applications Now Online

      Dear Chicago Federation of Labor Affiliates,

      Applications for this year's William A. Lee Memorial Scholarship are now available online. The Chicago Federation of Labor will award 10 college scholarships to high school seniors, valued at $2,000 each, to five winners of the Academic Competition and five winners of the Random Drawing.


      The William A. Lee Memorial Scholarship was created to show high school seniors that the Labor Movement stands in solidarity with them as they continue their educational pursuits. However, over the last few years, we have seen that some of our winners do not truly understand the importance of the Labor Movement in their own lives. To that end, the CFL restructured our scholarship to include a short essay section where applicants will answer the question: How has the Labor Movement impacted my life? It is our hope that the candidates, after writing this essay, willunderstand and appreciate how the Labor Movement gives a voice to workers, creates better standards and fights to protect workplace democracy. Essays will be evaluated and ranked by the Scholarship Committee based on best expression of personal experience and a fundamental understanding of what the Labor Movement represents. We will also consider style, grammar, spelling, punctuation and composition. Please note: Applicants for both the Academic Competition and the Random Drawing must complete the personal essay to qualify for the scholarship.

      IMPORTANT CHANGE: To give students an opportunity to work on their essays over the holiday break, the applications are now available online. The application deadline is February 15, 2017.


      In Solidarity,

      Bob Reiter


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      Action Center
      More than 80% of Americans want to see the minimum wage increased. Obstruction is not an option -- demand Congress vote on the Fair Minimum Wage Act and raise the minimum wage to $10 an hour NOW.
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