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    More than 80% of Americans want to see the minimum wage increased. Obstruction is not an option -- demand Congress vote on the Fair Minimum Wage Act and raise the minimum wage to $10 an hour NOW.
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      AA president Scott Kirby departs, joins United Airlines

      American Airlines president Scott Kirby is leaving the Fort Worth-based carrier to become president of United Airlines. Kirby, 49, will be replaced by American’s chief operating officer Robert Isom, 52. Both men joined American when it merged with US Airways after the airline exited bankruptcy protection.

      401(k) Deferral for IAM/TWU Employees

      Please see attachment for further details.

      AA Lump Sum Payment Information

      There is new information available regarding the August 26 lump sum payout.

      Southwest Airlines’ pilots picket outside of Dallas Love Field

      Hundreds of Southwest Airlines pilots picketed at Dallas Love Field on Wednesday as the pilots have been without a contract since 2012. The informational picket, organized by the Southwest Airlines Pilots’ Association, occurred as the union continues contract negotiations with the Dallas-based carrier.

      TWU Reaches First Contract for Virgin America Flight Attendants

      Dallas – The Transport Workers Union of America, AFL-CIO (TWU) is pleased to announced that it has reached a tentative agreement with Virgin America on behalf of its flight attendants.

      See the Joint Negotiations Website for updates:

      For the latest Tweets:  @usaamerger

      Good Jobs for Everyone!

      What is BuyBlue?    Buy Blue -

      BuyBlue is a campaign of Labor 411 that celebrates the power of consumers to support socially responsible employers and help create good jobs. We encourage shoppers across the country to buy goods and services from companies that provide good, middle class jobs and treat their workers fairly.

      Join us and pledge to use your hard-earned dollars on products brought to you by American workers who are paid a living wage.

      Find Socially Responsible Products

      #1 Go to Search the Consumer Products directory by category and pick two of your favorite products! You can also search brick-and-mortar stores in Los AngelesSan FranciscoWashington D.C. or Philadelphia if you are located in these cities. Simply buy products from any stores listed.

      #2 Use the search bar on Select a database and search away (select Consumer Products if you’re searching for products rather that city-specific stores).

      About Us

      BuyBlue is a campaign of Labor 411. We are here to make your consumer buying choices easy and fun. We call it “Buying Blue” and we hope you will join us in making your everyday decisions count.

      NLRB Gives a Union Yes to #GradUnion

      Yes, graduate students who work are WORKERS. The National Labor Relations Board has re-settled the question of whether graduate student workers are primarily students or workers and decided…they can be both.

      This is a major victory for teaching and research assistants at Columbia University and in similar institutions across the country, including Yale, Harvard, Cornell and the New School where graduate assistants are already organizing. Recognizing their work means their right to form a union is restored and they have access to the legal rights to form a union and negotiate over pay, benefits and working conditions.  

      Olga Brudastova, a research assistant in Columbia’s Department of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics as a part of the Graduate Workers of Columbia (GWC-UAW 2110), said:

      We instruct classes, grade papers for thousands of students and push the boundaries of research and the arts, but despite these contributions and more, Columbia administrators have stood in the way of our rights. By standing together, graduate workers have already won major, university-wide improvements, and with a union, we’ll be able to secure those improvements and make Columbia do even better.

      University administrations at several schools, including those in the Ivy League, have fought against this outcome. Alas, the boss’s campaign is waged from even within ivory towers. However, graduate employees of New York University are ready for the fight! Anne Pasek, a Ph.D. student at NYU, said:

      We're thrilled by the decision and the prospect of welcoming and working with more grad students in the labor movement. Together we can be a real force for reform within higher education, fighting for better conditions for both our peers and the students we teach. We can expect similar anti-union tactics at Columbia as we saw at NYU. The fight is by no means over—but it’s a wonderful step forward.

      Cornell Graduate Students United is also forging ahead. CGSU is organizing with the New York State United Teachers and the AFT and have already reached an agreement with the university to hold an election. From CGSU's solidarity statement:

      We, the graduate workers of Cornell University, are organizing a union to participate as equal partners on the decisions that affect our working conditions. Our work is integral and adds value to this institution. Cornell works because we do: as researchers, as teachers and as mentors. We aim to achieve a legally binding contract and to advocate for improvements through member-driven collective action, so that now and in the future no graduate worker will have to face hardships in their workplace alone. We stand in solidarity with fellow workers, students and the community to create a better Cornell.

      Members of the Harvard Graduate Students Union (HGSU-UAW) also want the union advantage. Alex O’Campo, a student worker in the Biostatistics Department, said:

      I want a union for grad-employees here at Harvard because I believe grad students are some of the hardest working people I know and should have the right to negotiate their salaries and benefits. I also believe all graduate students deserve dental, child care and parental leave. Lastly, from one mathematician to another: Albert Einstein believes in unions and so do I.

      While it’s obvious to anyone who has walked in their shoes that most graduate teaching and research assistants are seriously committed to their work, it is not an easy task to balance your academic work with your job, especially when you don’t get decent wages, health care or help navigating a university system that treats you as expendable. As a former graduate student worker who worked for a close-to-nothing stipend, alongside an adjunct professor who got a sliver more than almost-nothing, I admire the guts of all the grad unions. We stand with student workers in solidarity!

      One Apprentice at a Time, Chicago Local 701 is Rebuilding the Middle Class

      IAM Automobile Mechanics’ Local 701 has found the formula to combating our nation’s skills gap problem, rebuilding America’s middle class, and realizing the “American Dream,” said IAM Midwest Territory General Vice President Philip J. Gruber during the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service’s (FMCS) recent Future at Work Conference in Chicago.

      And it is IAM Local 701’s Education and Training Center.

      Auto ShopThe fruit of a unique partnership between FMCS, the IAM and employers, the Local 701 Training Center was the main focus of a panel on how FMCS funding was used to help create the state-of-the-art automotive apprenticeship training program, located in Carol Stream, IL. FMCS is an independent agency whose mission is to preserve and promote labor-management peace and cooperation.

      Gruber was joined on the panel by Local 701 Directing Business Representative Sam Cicinelli, IAM Safety and Health and Apprenticeship Program Director Jim Reid, Local 701 Education and Training Center Director/Lead Instructor Louie Longhi, and apprentice Symon Krolak.

      “The truth is: the middle class is shrinking,” said Gruber. “I think it’s safe to say that everyone in this room knows that. The idea of the ‘American Dream’ is increasingly becoming just that – a dream.”

      “Part of the problem is a lack of good-paying jobs,” continued Gruber. “Yes, we live in an era where employers would much rather pay a worker $2 an hour to make their product in Mexico or China, than to support workers here in their home country.

      “But the other part of the problem is – skills. Or, a lack thereof. For years, we’ve been telling our children that to make it in life you have to finish high school and get a four-year degree. In hindsight, what we have learned is, that was a huge mistake to our future workforce and to our country. The truth is jobs that require a four-year degree today make up less than half of the job market.”

      Seeing the problem early on in the automotive field, Cicinelli said he started pushing for an IAM-owned automotive training center. One that could train apprentices of today – and tomorrow.

      “The greatest challenge in creating the school was the funding mechanism,” said Cicinelli, who after years of negotiations was able to secure a “nickel fund” in which participating employers donated 5 cents for every hour worked. “That’s when GVP Gruber put us in contact with Reid, who assisted us in securing an $80k grant from FMCS. That catapulted us into opening up the program one year sooner.”

      The school has experienced great success – participating employers have tripled, nearly 400 courses have been taught, and the program is still in its growing stages with plans for expansion.

      “When we wrote the grant in 2011, there were 60 employers donating to the fund out of over 500,” said Reid, who gave tips on how to write a successful FMCS grant application. “When we just did a recent grant application, there were 310. So within five years, it’s grown by 500 percent of the number of employers participating.”

      Community colleges and for-profit trade schools are just not enough, said Longhi.

      And plus, there are some key differences when comparing those programs to Local 701.

      “A lot of the other schools’ programs are for about 13 months – their students are usually rushed,” said Longhi. “I actually have graduates coming from those schools asking and applying to come our school. And I ask them why? They found out they didn’t learn enough.”

      “At the IAM Local 701 Education and Training Center,” continued Longhi, “we have smaller class sizes and our program lasts for about three years for automotive and four years for auto and diesel. Also, our students do not pay tuition and we put our apprentices to work after their first class.”

      “It’s a great opportunity,” said Krolak, who is currently a third-year apprentice at Chicago Northside Toyota. “There’s two other automotive schools here in Chicago. They’re $45k. I have a mortgage. There’s no way I could afford to put my family in $45k worth of debt. At Local 701, I’ve gotten a lifetime’s worth of experience for basically promising that I will be an IAM member. And I will – for the rest of my life.”

      International studies suggest that for every dollar spent on apprenticeships, employers get an average of $1.47 back in increased productivity, reduced waste and greater front-line innovation.

      FMCS grants are available to labor-management partnerships aimed at defining and confronting workplace problems and developing long-term solutions. Stay tuned for 2017 application information here.

      See photos of the training center here.

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      Action Center
      More than 80% of Americans want to see the minimum wage increased. Obstruction is not an option -- demand Congress vote on the Fair Minimum Wage Act and raise the minimum wage to $10 an hour NOW.
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