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    More than 80% of Americans want to see the minimum wage increased. Obstruction is not an option -- demand Congress vote on the Fair Minimum Wage Act and raise the minimum wage to $10 an hour NOW.
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      SAFETY ALERT - Opressive humidity continues

      Hey Everybody, Two days into an oppressive wave of humidity and we are waiting on relief. Even though the excessive heat warning has expired and the temperatures have remained lower than forecast the humidity is awfully oppressive. The high humidity will force your body to take longer to cool down.

      Three Points About the Republican Convention and the Fate of American Democracy

      Working people in unions are uniquely positioned to demand and defend democracy—government by all the people. Working people know that only in a democracy do we have a chance to be heard. And so today, after the end of the Republican National Convention, what should people in unions, who above all care about the health of our democracy, make of this spectacle.

      Stand With American Airlines Workers By Posting a #SolidaritySelfie

      Negotiations at American Airlines have dragged on long enough. We want to hold the company accountable to the promises they make at the bargaining table — but we need your help.  That's why we're asking you to tweet, Instagram, and Facebook a #SolidaritySelfie to show you're with us.

      Top 5 Reasons a GOP Ticket is Bad for Working People

      You probably saw the news from the Republican National Convention this week: although the theme of the night was “Making America Work Again,” no speaker mentioned strengthening unions, protecting retirement security, standing up to corporate CEOs, or investing in America’s public transit system. As your union, we won't tell you who to vote for.

      IAM Secures First Contract for Phoenix Airport Workers

      The IAM this week welcomed approximately 25 new fleet service workers employed by McGee Air Services, an Alaska Airlines subsidiary. The union’s recognition and first contract commenced as the company began operations at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, performing all ramp service work previously done by Delta Global Services (DGS).

      See the Joint Negotiations Website for updates:

      For the latest Tweets:  @usaamerger

      Iron Mike Kilbane Welcomes RNC to Cleveland; Has Strong Words for Trump

      In Cleveland yesterday, working people joined U.S. Senate candidate Ted Strickland to talk about important issues like trade policy, infrastructure investment and union-busting and how the top Republican candidates measure up on these important issues. Local workers like Michael "Iron Mike" Kilbane, a member of Ironworkers Local 17, shared their stories. Here's Iron Mike's story, in his own words:

      Good afternoon. My name is Michael Kilbane and I am a lifelong Clevelander and proud, 26-year member of Structural Ironworkers Local 17, Cleveland, Ohio. Myself, along with my sisters and brothers in the Cleveland Building Trades, have built this great and beautiful city, including all of the venues that are being used for the Republican National Convention. Like all Clevelanders, I welcome the [Republican National Convention] to our fine city. I hope they all can see why we love it so much.

      I am troubled, however, that the Republican Party has found its way to nominating Donald Trump as its candidate for president. We’ve all heard Trump’s attempted appeal to working people as the candidate that "has our back." It's a ruse. A smokescreen. It's faux populism. A sad attempt to divide the working-class vote of this country. The man is a card-carrying member of the American ruling-class and always has been. Someone who has only known privilege and entitlement his entire life. Someone who values his own personal gain and profit above any other consideration and will do anything to ensure it continues to grow. A close look at Trump’s record as a businessman shows that he would more quickly stab working people in the back than anything else.

      First, as a union construction worker, I need to take issue with Trump’s relationship with union labor. It has been well-documented that Trump fights workers that try to organize at his casinos, hotels and restaurants, but what is less known is how he has stood against the very working people who built the buildings that house these businesses. Trump has come out recently and said that he is 100% right to work. The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers ( IBEW ) recently released some data on how often Trump has used union labor to construct his buildings, and the data shows that he has avoided hiring union labor as often as he could. And in strong union areas such as New York, New Jersey and other places where organized labor still dominates the workforce, and he is forced to use us, he has made a practice of stiffing our contractors for pay over and over again. He puts profits over people, time and again.

      Trump is a complicated man, but in my view, this election is anything but complicated. I grew up in a home where trade-union negotiated wages, in exchange for hard and sometimes very dangerous work, put the roof over our heads, food on the table and afforded our family access to health care. I have supported my own children through the same means. I would really appreciate a candidate who supports and even encourages my right to negotiate for fair pay and a safe workplace. Trump’s support for right to work speaks volumes about his disrespect for working people. As he joins the extremist members of his party in trying to undermine unions and the working people who comprise them, he undermines his own argument that he is for the working men and women of America. The bottom line has been, and continues to be, that Trump is out for nobody but himself.

      Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, is committed to investing in our country and our workforce. Her infrastructure plan will put us to work in a meaningful way that will improve our country physically and economically, as President Barack Obama's stimulus has done. Clinton is the candidate who does not view labor as a cost to be cut, rather she views working people as a worthy investment for the future. She understands what hardworking people are facing in this economy and I trust her to have my back when it counts. Clinton is committed to protecting our collective bargaining rights, a real contrast to Trump, who has assailed them, often only to enrich himself.

      And the working people of Ohio have a true friend in Ted Strickland! He has always been right on matters of trade, workers’ rights and all the issues that matter most to working families. We need him in the U.S. Senate, fighting for us!

      I consider myself lucky to be able to do what I do for a living.  And my union card ensures that I can make a living doing it. All working people should be alarmed by Trump’s worldview and should not be taken in by his divisive rhetoric and half-baked logic. Trump represents a real danger for us and that’s why I intend to keep speaking out against his candidacy.

      Again, welcome to Cleveland. I hope all the attention that RNC brings here will show how great this city really is, and I hope that at least some of the spotlight will be on the working men and women who built it and make it run every day. Thank you!

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      Action Center
      More than 80% of Americans want to see the minimum wage increased. Obstruction is not an option -- demand Congress vote on the Fair Minimum Wage Act and raise the minimum wage to $10 an hour NOW.
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