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Contractual Raise Information

We've received calls about the contractual raise we received yesterday. Below is an example from a pay statement to show the actual breakdown.

Weekly Update for September 13, 2014

1. New non rev policy affects active employees and retirees: This week the new AA revised it's non-rev travel program for employees. The biggest change affects the retirees by moving them down one classification when they fly. Many have resorted to sending emails and letters to C.E.O. Parker asking him to re-consider this decision.
Download: 2014_September_11 29d Prefunding Match.pdf , Annual Crossover 2014 - Ramp.docx , Annual Crossover 2014-.docx

David Virella files 29(d) Grievance on AA for the distribution of our Pre-funding Match

VIA Email & Certified Mail #7003-2260-0004-7869-4565 September 11, 2014 Mr. James Weel Managing Director Labor Relations – Technical Operations American Airlines Inc. P.O.
Download: 2014_September_11 29d Prefunding Match.pdf

New travel policy began Wednesday for American Airlines employees and retirees

UPDATE, 3 p.m.: We’re told a group of retirees has filed a lawsuit in Chicago to challenge the new policy. But we haven’t seen the lawsuit and cannot confirm its filing. We expect further word this afternoon. ORIGINAL ITEM: Because it upset so many retirees, we take note that Wednesday is the day that the new travel policies for American Airlines Group went into effect.

Weekly Update for September 6, 2014 UPDATED

Here's your weekly update. 1. APFA is certified by NMB: Earlier this week the National Mediation Board (NMB) certified the Association Of Professional Flight Attendants (APFA) as the bargaining agent for the combined group of flight attendants from AA and USAir. This will enable the APFA to start negotiating for a single contract to cover all their members.

Note: The Annual Crossover information is located in the Downloads area.

At its last summit meeting in August, held at the TWU Local 100 union hall in Brooklyn, NY, the TWU Veterans Committee (TWUVC) established a focused plan of action to make national strides on veterans' issues. The midterm elections are upon us, and the TWUVC is in a position to win political victories for veterans — all servicemen, not just TWU members — across the country.

"We have at least a recent tradition inside Local 100 of veterans activism," said TWU International Executive Vice President and Local 100 President John Samuelsen. "We have Incredibly politically active officers and rank and filers. They've made trips up to the State Capitol in Albany to specifically lobby for legislation at the State Capitol that will benefically affect the veterans of Local 100."

The Conference passed four resolutions including the building of a national political/legislative network, supporting the “Building Homes for Heroes” project, and initiating and passing legislation that would provide full Social Security benefits for all veterans at age 65.

Building Homes for Heroes, a national non-profit that builds and renovates homes for seriously wounded veterans, was represented by its President, Andy Pujol, who thanked the TWU vets for their service in an emotional speech, after making a presentation about the organization and the accomplishments it has made with the help of TWU veterans. 

The conference also resolved to fight aggressively to pass legislation “that helps veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan to re-enter the workforce.” We at the union know the difference it makes to have a solid job that you can rely on to support your family — all veterans deserve that security and peace of mind.

Elected officials, including New York State Senator Martin Golden, a principal sponsor of legislation to allow vets in New York State to purchase three years of pension credit, addressed the conference. In his speech, Senator Golden said that getting his bill, the Veterans Equality Act, through the Senate was "one of the proudest moments of my career."

"The Air Transport Division has a long, long history of veterans activism showing a TWU presence and TWU care for the veterans that have come home," said Samuelsen. "There is a need to get involved in the political realm to advance the cause of veterans. We've loooking for solutions going forward as to how to make an integrated International veterans committee as effective as it can possibly be." 

TWUVC Legislative Contact and Local 512 member Fred Gajewski laid out plans for a TWU Veterans Awareness Task Force that will meet with legislators in Washington, DC later this month. "We are going to make it known that we're not just veterans, we are votes," said Gajewski. "We served our country as members of the armed forces, and we're continuing to serve back home as advocates for our returned brothers in arms."

Labor Day’s faded from view, Election Day is looming on the horizon and it’s closer than you may think. This year, we’ll have the chance to beat back the attack on working families by the likes of Mitch McConnell, Scott Walker, the Koch brothers and other extremists. But that won’t happen if you and your family and friends aren’t registered to vote.

The AFL-CIO has teamed up with TurboVote to make voting easy for you and for your friends and family. Not only can you register or update your registration, but TurboVote will help you with absentee ballots, vote-by-mail information and finding your polling place. And we'll send you reminders by email and text so you won’t forget to vote. It really is easy to use—no tech savvy needed. TurboVote breaks voter registration down into a few clickable steps.

Even if you are registered to vote, you should double check on your registration because nearly half of all Americans heading to the polls this November will find more voting restrictions than they faced just four years ago. In 15 states, the 2014 election will be the first major federal election with new restrictions in place, like more restrictive voter registration laws and voter ID requirements. TurboVote keeps track of registration, vote-by-mail and other rules for all 50 states.

It’s easy. Click here to get started. 

A.A. bus schedule's are now available in the DOWNLOADS section. 

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