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Equity Distributi?on Update October 1, 2014

Attached to this post is a letter from the International about Judge Chhabria's ruling on the TWU's motion for summary judgement. While he didn't come right out and say it, the motion appears to have died because he cited problems and shortcomings with the Plaintiff's (Former TWU members who took the early out) first amended complaint which he dismissed.
Download: 2014_September_Equity_Distribution_Communication.pdf

Weekly Update for September 27, 2014

1. Early Christmas at Delta: It seems that the leaders at Delta truly want their employees engaged in their success. They announced on Thursday they would give their employees an early profit sharing award and they would also give out raises next year. They referenced the record profits they are seeing and expect to see this year.

Union sends proposed contract to American Airlines flight attendants for a vote

American Airlines flight attendants will have a chance soon to vote on a  new contract that its union says is the best in the industry. The executive committee of the Association of Professional Flight Attendants  voted Wednesday to send the proposed deal, announced last week, to flight attendants this fall.

Equity Distribution Update Sept.,22, 2014

Attached to this post is an update from International Vice President Sean Doyle on the status of the equity distribution lawsuit. Judge Chhabria did hear the arguments for and against the TWU's motion for summary judgement on Sep.18 in SFO.
Download: 2014_September_22 Equity Lawsuit Status.pdf


On Thursday, September 18, TWU’s Motion to Dismiss and for Summary Judgment in the case of Demetris v. TWU was argued in San Francisco before U.S. District Court Judge Vince Chhabria.
Download: 2014_September_22 Equity Lawsuit Status.pdf

NEW Title III bids are available under MEMBER RESOURCES on your left.


September 23, is National Voter Registration Day. There are a lot of offices up for grabs this year – including 36 U.S. Senators, 435 U.S. Representatives, 36 governors and thousands of seats in state legislatures.

Over the next two years, elected officials in Washington, D.C. will vote on the aviation bill, transit legislation, the Amtrak Reauthorization and labor rights. They will make decisions that impact your salary, workplace safety and job security.

The only way to make your voice heard in November is by registering to vote. Use our voter registration site if it’s your first time registering, you’re not sure if you need to register, you moved, your name changed, you need to look up your state’s guidelines or to find your polling place.

This November, you can have a say in who represents you on Capitol Hill and in the State House. It’s really important that you register and get out to vote on Election Day, November 4.

Help the Progressive Caucus limit Iraq/Syria war

A new U.S. war has begun in Iraq and Syria—without Congressional authorization. With Congress in recess and an election coming up, there will be no Congressional vote until after the election in November.   But it is virtually certain that Congress will vote on an authorization after the election, and that whatever they vote on will pass. Congress has already approved, with a decisive bipartisan majority, the most controversial part of the President's proposal - arming and training Syrian rebels. This virtually guarantees that an authorization of force for Iraq and Syria will pass after the November election with a strong bipartisan majority. 

What is in the authorization they vote on is something that we can still influence. In the process, we can help put a quick end to this war, preventing it from becoming another endless quagmire. Now, while Congress is in recess, is the time for us to build political support for limiting the war.   

The Congressional Progressive Caucus resolution, H.Con.Res.114 [1], establishes a set of four principles that we can organize around to limit the war. It has the support of a wide array of top progressive Democrats in Congress [2].    

The resolution says that Congress: 
•should debate and vote on whether the U.S. should be involved in sustained combat in Iraq or Syria 
•does not support the deployment of ground combat troops in Iraq or Syria; 
•should ensure that the use of force is narrowly tailored and limited; and 
•should enact strong reporting requirements on the use of force. 

Show your support for H.Con.Res.114 and these principles by signing our petition at MoveOn:   

In particular, Congress should: 
•prohibit the use of ground combat troops; 
•ensure that an authorization has a time limit or sunset provision [3] so that it has to be renewed in the future for war to continue rather than lasting indefinitely by default; and 
•ensure that there is regular public reporting on civilian deaths and injuries from U.S. airstrikes, so the public can better understand reports in the media about civilian casualties.   

Show your support for H.Con.Res.114 and these principles by signing and sharing our petition. 

Thank you for all you do to help limit war with democracy and the rule of law,
Robert Naiman and Megan Iorio  
Just Foreign Policy
1. “H.Con.Res.114,” 
2. Key progressive leaders in Congress supporting H.Con.Res.114 include Reps. Raul Grijalva, Keith Ellison, Barbara Lee, Jim McGovern, Alan Grayson, Peter DeFazio, Peter Welch, Mark Pocan, Jim McDermott, John Conyers, Katherine Clark, Beto O'Rourke, Janice Hahn, Richard Nolan, Michael Honda, Chellie Pingree, Niki Tsongas. Mark Takano.  
3. “Why Congress Must Impose Limits on the Use of Force in Iraq,” Robert Naiman, The Nation, September 3, 2014,

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